Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dancing Queen in a Yellow Jersey

There was a slight change to my schedule today... I am now also taking Dance 378R- Intermediate Folk Dance (Audition required). A friend asked me just to come to see if I wanted to do it. I was all prepared with a speech to give my friend about why I wanted to add the class but couldn't for such and such a reason (really because I wanted to sleep in more), but didn't end up using it. They were very desperate for guys! It was rather funny--I walked up, and they handed me an add/drop card with everything filled out already except my name, ID number, and signature. I figured that I would probably regret missing out on this class more than a little bit of sleep, so what the heck! I signed it and now I'm in! No audition or anything :P It should be fun, the only downside is that it is at 10 AM, which is a bit of a bummer with my sleep schedule, but I'll deal. (I really do want to take the class--I'm not just doing since I feel bad for them).

It is in a good place to set up some exercise time for me though, which is very good news since I need to get serious about training for my cycling this summer. Since I don't have class at 11, I'll get a guaranteed 30-45 minute workout 3x/week. Perfect amount of time for a good jog!

I have a sinking feeling already that my knee is not going to want to cooperate with this though. I started having problems with it late in summer '07 after working out a ton all year. I really really need to get to the weight room and start doing exercises that will stabilize my knee, which hopefully will resolve that issue. I need my knees to work for dance class too now! I guess it is time to venture to the foreign territory of lower campus...

In the past I have also had problems with pushing myself too hard when I exercise (running so hard I puked, etc). If I couldn't feel it the next day, I felt my workout was a waste (even though that isn't true). Apparently that is still going to be a problem this year-- I did some core exercises last Saturday and was so sore for the next two days I could barely even stand up straight!

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  1. You'll love folk dance! This is the first semester in a while I haven't done it, but I'm not taking a break because I don't want to. It's probably the greatest thing that's happened to me since coming to school here. I love it!

    Also, don't be afraid to tell your teacher if you are having knee trouble. They'll be understanding and help what they can.

    I've always been an advocate that everyone should try folk dance. Have fun! (I'll probably see you at rec nights, too)