Friday, January 16, 2009


I committed to sing in Sforzando for the semester. It is a service choir that meets on Thursday evenings for an hour, then a few times a month on Sundays they go out and sing for retirement homes, homes for the disabled, prisons, etc. I really like it, and it is a smaller choir (which is something I enjoy). It is what I am doing this semester for the volunteer/service hours that are necessary for my scholarship.

I also joined the Scandinavian choir that meets on Wednesday nights for an hour. It is an actual class. I'll have to leave slightly early to make it to my conducting class on time. Wednesdays are going to be busy: on campus for the folk dance team at 10am, classes till 3, then choir at 6, conducting at 7-9, and work from 9-12:30am. All the other days are much more reasonable, so don't worry about me running myself into the ground.

I am going to Sundance Film Festival this weekend (unless things fall through). I am looking forward to that. I'll probably blog about it, so enough said there.

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  1. That volunteer choir sounds awesome! I'm jealous... It seems like you are going to have a pretty crazy semester, but a fun one.