Monday, January 12, 2009


Over the past 4 months, I have saved every receipt I have gotten. "Would you like your receipt?" Was always answered with an emphatic "Yes, please." I have been doing this not to kill excessive trees, but in order to create a budget.

So today, instead of doing my reading for classes tomorrow (I wrote my essay though, so I'm not a total slacker!), I opened up Microsoft Excel, created a spreadsheet, and mapped out almost every penny I have spent in the last 4 months. The results have been intriguing but I am now prepared to properly budget this semester.

I am not going to let you in on the intricacies of my pocket book, but I will say these are my most general goals/limits.

Gas- $30/month
Groceries- $120/month
Eating out/vending- $30/month
Entertainment- $20/month

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