Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Leaving a Wake of Love

Max Skousen has been an influential person on my journey over the past few years. He is (well, he died, but at least was) LDS, but held some pretty out-there and unorthodox ideas.

In the midst of my most intense period of religious doubt, it was some of his writings that helped me to reconcile all the things bouncing around inside my head and swing the pendulum of my religious views back to something that is more valid.

But that is all beside the point.

My mother apparently spoke to him on the phone once, and she said she could just feel the love that man held radiating out from him. I forget her direct wording, but there was a power he held because of his compassion.

I want to be like that someday. How amazing is it that he could hold so much love for someone who he had never met before or since that they could feel it while talking to him one time, and over the telephone at that? It would be impossible to feign. He may have forgotten about it the next day, yet he still left a lasting mark.

So, how, then, does one go about developing compassion to the level that they are just dripping with it?


  1. I would say the answer to that question is to drown yourself in service. Get up every morning with the intention of making someone else's life better that day.....or even EVERY person you meet.

    It's a worry goal, for sure, and I commend your pursuit of it.


  2. Oh, for heaven's sake....make that a "worthy goal"!!! Leave the worry to someone else. :-)

  3. Tommy...I think your one of those people. We all have met those people who embraced others at whatever circumstance life played. I do so but...only conditionally when it's suitable which is of course is selfish.