Monday, April 6, 2009

Daily Universe Entertainment

I would characterize my relationship with BYU’s newspaper "The Daily Universe” as a love-hate one. I love to hate it. It is so fun… and easy.

I dutifully pick one every morning and at least read my favorite: the letters to the editor (sinboards anyone?). Then I do whatever of the crossword puzzle and the sudokus I can.

Luckily I got to campus early this morning before all 18,500 copies that are printed everyday were recalled due to an entertaining typo.

If you can’t see in the photos, the caption of this picture from conference says the “Members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostates and other general authorities…”

Right smack on the front page.

This caused a stir on campus and the DU is very embarrassed. By noon the mistaken copies were already replaced with a re-printed and fixed edition. (But not before I got my copy and scanned it into the computer…)


  1. I'm sorry. But I think this is HILARIOUS.

  2. ROTFL!

    A year ago this would have been funny, but not THIS funny.


  3. I think all the ultra-serious harrumphing in the DU article about what was obviously an innocent and hysterically funny mistake just confirms how incredibly starched and unnecessarily serious most Mormons are. Remember what Ferris Bueller said about how up-tight his friend Cameron was, the bit about the lump of coal and the diamond? Yep. Good grief people. This is why I am sometimes embarrassed to let my religious affiliation be known. Thanks to the likes of those Chicken Littles clucking about this funny little glitch, many people think I'm one step away from zombiehood if I admit to being Mormon. Lighten up already!!!!