Sunday, October 6, 2013

Entering a new phase!

Yes, it's been years since I've published on here. I still have followers though, so how about a little update?

In the years that I have been away, I've done nothing but practice the piano. And you know what? Doing the same activity 4-5 hours a day, every day, can really produce some great results! I'm working on my first set of real virtuosic repertoire, including: Mozart's c minor Fantasy and Sonata, Chopin Ballades, Liszt Paganini Etudes, and Messiaen Catalogue of the Birds. It's all very exciting.

And I'm starting my teaching career! You can see my website at, or visit my page at Thumbtack: Piano Studio of Thomas Johnson. Let me know if you have any tips. I'm getting my name out there and hopefully the students start enrolling this month! So far I have one...


  1. Admittedly, linking to my site on this blog helps my search engine optimization, so i'm not without ulterior motives :)

  2. Just glad to hear you are alive sir, whether it's to help your optimization dohicky or whatever.

    PS - I wish I have stuck with piano.