Thursday, July 16, 2009

Here's to Healing

So where have I been the past month?

Well, I stuck around Salt Lake till the evening of June 18th, when I had finals (at the BYU Salt Lake Center).

Promptly following, (midnight that night), I got on a plane to Burlington, Vermont, and spent 5 days visiting the family I "mannyed" for last summer in Plattsburgh, New York. (The picture above is actually from a later flight. See below ;-) )

Then, on June 24th, I took the midnight bus to Manhattan, where I played with my aunts and uncles for 5 days, and went to my uncle's wedding.

Then, on Sunday the 28th, I flew back to Salt Lake, but not before stopping by the NYC Pride Parade...

Back in Provo, I worked for 2 days, before driving up to Seattle on Wednesday with Michael, Michael, and Justin.

They left on Sunday. I stayed up there, where I played with family and friends.

Before flying back to Salt Lake on July 14th, I took a quick two-day trip to Portland. There, I visited my grandparents and aunt who lives there, and met up with my other aunt who is visiting before she moves to Bangladesh. This is my sister's dog Sadie, who came along.

Once I got back to Utah, I saw Harry Potter 6 at midnight (and liked it), and worked for the next two days, both at my job at the BYU Library and in my room, packing and cleaning. This was my work crew.

On Thursday night after work, I drove to Zion National Park to do some hiking and visit yet another aunt.

I got back on Sunday and visited friends in Salt Lake. On Monday and Tuesday I worked 2 more days as I continues to frantically pack and clean my apartment. I had a cleaning check on Wednesday at 10am, and checked out of my apartment.

Then, I got in my stuffed car,

and drove, and drove, and drove,

and drove, and drove some more,

and drove, and went to Niagara Falls,

and drove, and after 2384(.3) miles, finally made it back to Plattsburgh, New York.

I am taking some of my old manny duties back up.

Therefore, I am officially a BYU dropout. I declined my scholarship. I'll go back to school someday, since I really like school, but not now.

Fact of the matter is, while I did like BYU generally, I have found that some relationships in life just aren't healthy for us. I think my relationship with BYU was one such relationship.

So, here's to healing.

(the front yard. that's lake chanplain in the background.)


  1. WOW! What a lot of traveling! I miss new england terribly.

  2. Thanks for the pictures. I love real life pictures. I love Niagara Falls. And thanks for "following" my blog.

    I love your confidence. You are an impressive young man.

  3. Tommy--

    Why have I not read this post? Sheesh, I'm slow.

    As for unhealthy relationships, let's talk about a few:

    1. Abandoning Becky and Chris in Provo, left to mourn you in unabashed tears, is not healthy.

    2. Abandoning poor little Elrond, who is going through Tommy withdrawals, is not healthy.

    3. Using Elrond as a substitute for Tommy, as we have been forced to do, is not healthy.

    4. Prepping myself for an English class that will no longer be with Tommy, is not healthy.

    5. Printing out a life-sized portrait of Tommy in a door-knocking pose outside our apartment, pretending it is you coming to visit us, is not healthy.

    In short, we miss you and hope you are doing well.


  4. I, for one, am thrilled that you are back in the East. You know our door is always open, right? We'd love to see you anytime. Good luck with your manny duties!!


  5. Tommy, it was good to get your email last night. We love you.

    I enjoyed this sketch of your summer, and I am so glad you are taking a break. Hope all is well!