Friday, March 20, 2009

Bummin' around

Just to warn those who will be in the library bright an early tomorrow--

Chances are there is a homeless lady sleeping in there tonight. A bunch of people saw her go in and none saw her go out when the library closed. My crew at work helped security scour the library for her, but it is a huge place and there were no signs of her.

Aaaaand, I forgot to turn my key in when I clocked out. So I'll be in trouble tomorrow.



    maybe you should give it to the homeless lady.

  2. I got out of chocolate milk! Zach is pretty cool about not telling Lou if we bring them back early. Plus Lou is gone for a week and a half. And I hope the homeless lady had a good sleep in a warm place, if she was still in the library (since she probably had no malicious intentions)

  3. thanks for the heads up, random lady in the library noted. Thanks for the blog keep it up.

    BYU Guy