Saturday, December 20, 2008


I never know where to start and always want my blog posts to be perfectly polished. This phenomena usually leads to a lessening of my posting quantities, so I’m trying to just let is go and jump right in. Here goes…

I am Tommy, and this is my blog. It is my space where I can say anything and everything I want. Graciously, I am letting you all read it too!

This is me in 56 bullets. I have more but ran out of motivation to write them.

1. I remember people I meet by what they wear. It makes it difficult to remember them the second time.
2. I am a stable 145 lbs.
3. I want to travel the world.
4. I value honesty above all else.
5. I fear snakes.
6. I have a very level head.
7. I love classical music.
8. My first love was Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins.
9. I am an A student.
10. I want to make a difference.
11. I value correct motivations.
12. I fear heights.
13. I have obsessive tendencies.
14. I love to drive.
15. I think the Pieta is one of the most beautiful things in the world.
16. I am Mormon/LDS.
17. I want children.
18. I value the opinions of others.
19. I fear being wrong.
20. I have no athletic talent.
21. I love spontaneity and adventure.
22. I understand why people commit suicide.
24. I want to be loved.
25. I value people who honor their principles.
26. I fear being alone.
27. I have great compassion.
28. I love the holidays.
29. I seriously doubt myself sometimes.
30. I am a cyclist.
31. I want to find my true love.
32. I value the efforts of others.
33. I fear hurting someone.
34. I have faith in many things.
35. I love the rain.
36. I trust it will all be worth it in the end.
37. I am single (currently).
38. I want to be a virtuoso pianist.
39. I value my friends.
40. I have excellent friends.
41. I fear the future sometimes.
42. I love the ocean.
43. I was an insecure child.
44. I am sincere.
45. I want to be financially comfortable.
46. I value prayer.
47. I fear the past.
48. I have a great family.
49. I love cleanliness, but don’t mind clutter.
50. I relate to so many post secrets.
51. I am from Anacortes, WA.
52. I want a greater knowledge of classic art, film, and literature.
53. I value my own self worth.
54. I fear large bodies of water.
55. I have lot to give and can’t seem to find where to give it.


  1. Tommy: With seven exceptions I could have written your list. Nice to discover your new blog and I look forward to reading more from you.

  2. I really like your list! I suppose that means you're nice, too, since you are describing yourself after all. I am excited to read more about your human-ness!

    Christopher (Who is doing a belly dance and waving wildly as he greets you)